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The G1 Practice Test Platform was designed and built by a tech team that understands that we should have better ways to study for tests. We’ve built numerous practice test platforms, and the consensus is the same across all of them – we help users pass their tests.

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We understand that not everyone learns in the same way. So, that’s why we create safe spaces to accommodate people with diverse learning styles.


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We always welcome feedback from users. This allows us to continuously improve our offerings and give the kind of support needed for persons to reach their milestones in life.

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Our G1 tests

We only use information from the relevant driver manuals to write our test questions. Our writers review each province’s driver’s licence manual, in this case, Ontario. Then we create questions based on the manuals to ensure our users are studying the right information. We also ensure to structure the questions as close to the official test format as possible. Plus, we update our question bank as needed to keep current with the MTO requirements.

Why They Are Free

We know that everyone cannot afford to pay for access to platforms or classes. And the MTO manual only has a few questions. So, we’ve created a way to provide free resources to guide users in passing their G1 test.

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