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Just Like the Real Test

Test questions are from the MTO driver’s handbook, and they are structured to be just like the real test questions.

Ontario Specific

The questions are specific to the requirements for driving or operating vehicles on Ontario’s roads.

Up-to-date Test Questions

We update our practice test questions each time the MTO is updated. This gives you current test info to practice.

Get ready to pass your official G1 test with ease with the free G1 practice tests

How can you prepare for an official written drive test if there are no practice tests? Yes, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) provides a few sample questions. But that’s not the same as having practice tests to work on.

That’s where we come in.

G1 Practice Test Canada gives you free, accurate, drive test Ontario practice questions. We provide a fun and effective way to get ready for your Ontario written test. We’re the ultimate online G1 practice test platform that gets users ready faster and more effectively to pass their G1 test.

Passing your G1 test gets easier with practice. Start now and see how quickly you’ll be ready to tackle the official test and be one step closer to your full driver’s licence.


How to Get Ready for the G1 Test

Get The Driver’s Handbook

You can read the official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver’s Handbook online or download the handbook. Or order a printed copy in English or French.

Supplement with Practice Tests

Take all our online G1 practice tests. They cover all the essential information from the handbook. Pass the tests, and you’ll be ready for the real thing.

Pass the Official G1 Test

Once you get the hang of the practice tests and can easily pass them as well as our simulation tests, it’s time to book the G1 test online, sit, and pass your test.

Free 2024 G1 Practice Tests to Help You Pass on Your First Try

Getting ready for your G1 knowledge test gets easier the more you know what to expect and how to prepare. It almost means having access to the right resources to help you study.

Here’s how our G1 practice test questions can help you prepare to sit the official G1 test.


Why Our G1 Practice Tests Work

Even though we offer free Ontario G1 practice tests, this does not impact the quality of the test questions or simulation tests. We understand the importance of practice tests in getting to the next stage of your Ontario driver licence process. So, we’ve designed our practice tests to give you the best chance at passing.

And we made sure to develop an easy-to-use platform that makes accessing and using the practice tests simple.

  • Questions are based on the information provided in the MTO Driver’s Handbook.
  • The G1 tests focus on all the areas and topics recommended by the MTO.
  • All our practice tests follow a similar grading system to the official test.

Get Started Today

Pass Your G1 Test on your first try

The pass rate throughout Ontario averages 49% to 63%. So, if you want to try struggling to read the handbook, know that you’ve already lowered your chances at a pass. The solution to reading the boring handbook is the stress-free method of working through the material for your licence.

Using our practice test is so much like the real test that many of our users instantly feel more relaxed when they start the test.

  • Persons who use a G1 practice test platform most often pass on their first try
  • The platform gives users a faster way to prepare for their G1 test
  • It’s the perfect companion to studying the MTO’s driver’s handbook

Start Practice Tests Now

The Ultimate G1 test preparation platform for persons who want to get their Ontario Drivers Licence

Current Practice Questions

Our practice test questions are all up to date to help you study the latest material. So, download the current version of the MTO driver’s handbook and see that you’re ahead.

Gamified G1 Test Platform

Gamification helps study and retention. With instant feedback and test score tracking, you’ll know how well you’re doing with each practice test question you try and our mock tests.

Ideal Study Prep

The G1 knowledge test questions can come from any section of the handbook. Our platform helps you study, learn, and review all the relevant information so you’re fully prepared.

Understand the G1 test and you’ll be ready to pass it

Don’t get surprised on test day. Learn what to expect, and you’ll be ready to tackle any of the questions they throw at you.

We know the official G1 knowledge test can feel a little intimidating. But that’s just because you don’t know what to expect. The MTO sample knowledge test questions do not give you a full idea of what the test will be like. Two 20-question tests. Answering 40 multiple-choice questions overall. Wondering if you’ve answered incorrectly for more than 8 of them.

The 8 sample questions in the MTO handbook just can’t prepare you right. Or only reading the handbook. That’s just the foundation. You’ll be much more prepared when you use practice tests that are just like the real thing to prepare.

Then study more effectively with online practice tests

It’s a fact that persons who use practice tests enjoy higher pass rates. Free practice tests ensure you’re in that number.

Each question can be asked multiple ways on a test. So, it’s important not just to memorize the information but also actually learn it. Our practice test questions help you study effectively because you’re learning the information while understanding the test question formats. That’s one of the main reasons why practice tests make a difference when studying.

When you know what to expect, you’ll reduce your anxiety. You will enter your G1 test centre feeling more prepared and that you’re ready for the official test. When you practice online, you see how much easier it is to pass your G1 test.

Here are a few things that are special about our practice tests

(And why they can help you pass your G1 test)


Fun Learning Experience

Interactive learning makes for a fun experience. But more importantly, it helps with material retention. So, we designed G1 Practice Test Canada to deliver an effective study process. You get instant correct/incorrect responses to questions plus detailed explanations of the answers.


Guided Test Preparation

We say no to guesswork and yes to being fully prepared to pass the G1 test. We structure our questions and mock tests to be just like the real thing. This makes it easier for you in the real test because you know exactly what to expect. We guide you through the process to get ready to pass.


Just Like the Real G1 Test

You can expect practice test questions and mock tests that are just like the official thing. Our information is Ontario-specific to support the unique requirements for driving in the province. We do this by taking our test question information straight from the MTO driver’s handbook.


Free G1 Practice Tests

Many sites are charging a lot for the type of study support we provide you with for free. That means you have unlimited access to our free resources without any time constraints for using the site. Go ahead and try our practice tests as many times as necessary to feel confident on test day.


Compatibility Across Devices

Study where you are however best supports your study patterns. You can access the free G1 practice tests on both Android and iOS devices. So, once you have an internet connection, and whichever device you have available to you – laptop, smartphone, tablet – you can study for the test.


Increases Your Test Confidence

Nothing reduces test anxiety such as knowing you prepared well. And that’s how you boost your confidence to sit and pass your G1 test. Keep practicing until you can consistently get above the required pass mark. Then you’re ready for the official test and can go ahead to book the test online.

Preparing for the G1 written test means a lifetime of Ontario driving support

Ontario has a Graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL) program. This means whether you’re a citizen or have migrated to Canada, you must follow certain steps to obtain your full five-year Ontario driver’s licence.

The first step is the knowledge test – a 40-question written test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs based on the MTO handbook. In addition to information on Ontario’s rules of the road, the MTO handbook also covers general information like:

  • Safe and responsible driving
  • Traffic signs and lights
  • How to get your car, van, or small truck licence
  • Information for trailers and off-road vehicles
  • How you could lose your licence

To pass this knowledge stage of the GDL process, you need to prepare. But the information is also useful for a lifetime of driving support.

The information you learn in these practice tests will equip you for life. You learn all the Ontario driving rules and road sign meanings to ensure that you’re a safe driver for yourself and others on Ontario roads and throughout Canada.

It’s more than passing your G1 test. Let us help you prepare for the test and a lifetime of driving safely. Study from our bank of 2024 G1 practice test questions and try simulation tests to see how ready you are for the real test.

Ontario G1 Test Practice - Free ON “Drive Test” G1 Practice Test 2024

Try the preferred G1 practice test and see why our users pass their G1 drive test.

You will get ready for the “drive test” at a faster pace. Our platform is designed to promote rapid learning (unlike reading the MTO driver’s handbook).

No Registration Required

No sign-up or log in is needed. You simply click to try our practice tests and choose to either study random questions, by topic, or try an exam simulation.

More Ways to Study

G1 practice test questions. G1 mock tests. Study bank of hard questions – the ones that often trip people up on the test. These and more get you ready faster.

Everything You Need

We do recommend getting the handbook and reviewing it. But our platform covers all the topics you could be tested in many ways. It’s all you need to study.

Get Ready for Your G1 Test the Right Way

The Perfect Way to Prepare to Pass your G1 Written Test on Your First Try

Explanations for Each Test Question

We don’t only show correct vs. incorrect. We provide detailed explanations of the answer. So, you can understand and apply the information. You’ll know why a specific answer is correct for you to recall better the next time you come across it.

Challenge Bank with Tricky Questions

Test your knowledge with the questions others get wrong and that you find most challenging. We log the ones you answer incorrectly, so you can revisit them later. Or you can choose to try and answer all of them as a challenge to yourself.

Enjoying the Study Process is a Must

Nothing motivates a user like seeing the test completion counter. Or the pass rate changing with each answer you provide. Yes, it can raise your anxiety, but because we’re just practising, you can relax and enjoy the learning process.


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